Supply Chain Experts, Driving Profitable Growth

We are not a private equity firm, and we are not your typical family office. At Dot Family Holdings (DFH), our sole source of capital comes from the Tracy family. Because our capital base is permanent and proprietary, we can make efficient decisions that are in the best long-term interest of our companies, free from any external influences.

It also allows us to be flexible with transaction structures, enabling us to craft the right deal to help all stakeholders achieve their goals. Additionally, our limited use of leverage means no deal is dependent on financing and our companies are not overburdened with debt.

Dot Family Holdings stands out among family offices as well. The typical investment size of a family office is less than $10 million. To acquire most middle market companies, this means partnering with another capital provider. At DFH, we prefer to be the sole control investor and our preferred investment is $50 million to $500 million, placing us in the top 3% of family offices.


Investment Approach

Everyone’s situation is different. We all have different plans, goals and definitions of success. Our goal is very simple. We want to bring companies into the family and help them grow for the long-term, Because of this, we employ a strict buy and hold (and grow) approach to investing in companies. We are not interested in making a quick return on our capital or siphoning companies’ profits. 

Instead, we are focused on reinvesting in businesses, building real value and driving sustainable growth. The benefit of time allows us to minimize business disruptions and deeply learn our companies and their industries. 

At Dot Family Holdings, we are a team of seasoned operators, so growing companies is simply all we know how to do. Dot Foods’ brand promise of Trusted Values, Innovative Solutions, Shared Growth, permeates everything we do as a family, so, naturally, this promise extends to how we partner with our family companies.



Providing the Key Ingredients for Growth


The Tracy family is the sole source of capital for DFH. This allows for efficient decision-making, flexible transaction structures, and a permanent capital base to fund growth whether organically or through acquisition.


Our team has decades of experience building the structures necessary to support sustainable growth. From the outset, we establish a governance structure that provides the guidance required to achieve our companies’ growth objectives.


We firmly believe that disciplined strategic planning is essential to driving business growth. We provide the resources our companies need to begin or improve their strategic planning process.


Talent is our greatest resource and we believe it is the most important resource for any business. We know how to develop existing talent within our companies and, we have the resources to find and recruit talented individuals to help grow our businesses.


Each company’s growth strategy is different. Our team has the experience to help define or refine our business’ growth strategy, and we have the business development resources to identify and negotiate acquisitions.