Distribution: our background and our focus

DFH focuses exclusively on leading distribution companies, with special interest in master/two-step and any national model. Distribution is what we know and where we can add the greatest value.

We look to invest in non-food distribution companies to diversify the Family’s holdings and avoid any conflict with Dot Foods’ customers and suppliers.

We target companies based in the US or Canada that have a national reach, with distribution centers across the country, or that can quickly expand to that scale.

We generally prefer to partner with businesses with an enterprise value between $25 million-$250 million and EBITDA in the range of $5 million-$30 million.

Our ideal partner has a strong management team in place with an eye toward growing the business and an openness to teaming with DFH. We welcome our executives to invest alongside us.

Building a business alone is tough.

Let us help you!
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