Supply Chain Experts, Lifetime Operators

John Tracy, executive chairman of Dot Family Holdings

John Tracy

John serves as Executive Chairman and CEO of Dot Family Holdings.

Joe Tracy, CEO of Dot Foods

Joe Tracy

Joe serves as Director and CEO of Dot Foods. He is also a Director of OmniCable.

Joe joined Dot Foods in a professional capacity in 1987.

Dick Tracy

Dick serves as Director and President of Dot Foods and Director of Reliable Parts.

He joined the Dot team in 1991.

Dick Tracy, President of Dot Foods

Bill Metzinger

Bill is the CFO of Dot Family Holdings. He currently serves as a Director of Dot Foods, OmniCable, and Grabber Construction Products.

Bill served as Dot Foods’ CFO from 1993-2016. Prior to Dot Foods, he was President and CEO of Franciscan Health Systems of Illinois.

Bill Metzinger, CFO of Dot Family Holdings
Jim Tracy, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Dot Foods

Jim Tracy

Jim serves as Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Dot Foods and Director of Grabber Construction Products.

Jim, the 5th of 12, has been with the business from the beginning and joined in a professional capacity in 1976. He is a licensed attorney.

Don Tracy, outside counsel of Dot Family Holdings

Don Tracy

Don is of cousel in the law offices of Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP, and represents Dot Foods and Dot Family Holdings as outside counsel.

Don was the first outside salesman of Dot Foods before pursuing a legal career.

Heath Hunter

Heath serves as Vice President of Corporate Development for Dot Family Holdings. 

Heath began his career as a management consultant with PwC. Prior to DFH, Heath was a VP with the private equity firm Prospect Partners in Chicago.

Heath Hunter, VP of Corporate Development at DFH


Scott serves as Director of TAGG Logistics. Scott is a former executive of Dot Foods.

Scott was with Dot Foods for 35 years and is married to Susan Stamerjohn, the 9th born Tracy family member.


Scott Stamerjohn
Martin Truong, VP of Legal for Dot Family Holdings


Martin serves as Vice President of Legal for Dot Foods and Dot Family Holdings.

Martin joined Dot in 2018 and has over 20 years of legal expertise, with past experiences as General Counsel for MEMC Electronic Materials and SunEdison.